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After waiting all day - hearing rumors that he was or was not gonna be there - he showed up and brought us this!! #dangelo #theroots #broughtbackthefunk #kindasoundslikeprince #afropunk14 (at Afro Punk Festival Commodore Barry Park)

Watch Gov. Christie bust a move with Jamie Foxx | Page Six.

Music and dance are the global language to connect. Who don’t love to boogie?

Liam Bailey - ska-rockin #britishrocknsoul #summerstage14

Ah summer nights like this …! #fullmoon #moonchild #lovemymoonlitnights

Pandora turns up new audience for James Brown biopic.

James Brown has a lot of fans, but those who were born after his peak (millennials) don’t really know his impact on music.  This article highlights how the marketing team for the James Brown film tapped Pandora to create a program around a “Get On Up” station to promote the film.  So intuitively genius, especially given Pandora’s audience and data analytics to measure.  James’ music influenced so many artists - from Public Enemy and Prince to JT and Janelle Monae (just saw her rolling on the floor of her last concert, with a cape a la Godfather of Soul)!

I was fortunate enough to see the raw cut of his documentary (out next year?), which went deeper into James socio-political views and lifestyle to demonstrate how that translated into his music and impact on pop culture.  I hope the documentary receives as much support as the narrative did.  

Now if the Miles Davis biopic with Don Cheadle were to look at a broad audience strategy, a similar marketing tactic with Pandora/Spotify that can inspire loyal fans to share their faves and other music influenced by Miles (house music, acid jazz) through playlists would be so … cool.  Yeah…

There she is … timely & tight with newly arranged hits from “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” my friend and I gave her 3 1/2 stars out 5 - just cause her potential is so much greater than what she delivered and her new renditions fell short of her original arrangements like “Zion.” But boy can she spit/rap!!! Her skills are still tight like from Fugees days. But in deleting the “rhetoric” between sets that can either be charming or distracting - she’s removed the emotion and energy that drew us to her - her soul. I’ll see her again for she’s on the right path. #laurynhill #fugees #summerspiritfestival2014

Guess who? #laurynhill #classyset #summerspiritfestival2014

Awesome!! Part 2 of 2. Avery Sunshine bringing the house down with the Jones Family in the audience behind me singing back up. #youmademyday #averysunshine #lcoutofdoors

Avery Sunshine brought the house DOWN!! You Brought the Sunshine by the Clark Sisters. We were in church at #lcoutofdoors. Part 1 of 2 #averysunshine #clarksisters #summerjoyjuly2014

"He’s got infinite possibilities
I can see them now
It’s the unbroken chains of his past by which he’s bound
He’s got infinite possibilities
I can feel them now
If he chooses well, then nothing can tear him down!” Yes, we do. Happy Friday #infinitepossibilities #lcoutofdoors

Ad of the Day: Ballerina Misty Copeland Stars in Jaw-Dropping Spot for Under Armour | Adweek.

Fantastic 👏👏!! Bravo Under Armour this is a great testimony to the beauty and grace of women and the strength/tenacity and talent of Misty Copeland, lead ballerina for American Ballet Theater. She defied all odds and rejection to be who she is. Fearless and fierce.

Amel Larrieux - “we are giving something up” (at Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival)

Who's Tired of Seeing White Heroes On Screen.

Hollywood seems to “whitewash” the facts … wonder what storylines we’d see if movies were user-generated content like social media? Not contrived reality shows like “real housewives” but authentic voices. Is there a lot of greed and hate based on fear of the unknown, sure. But we always look for uplifting stories and happy endings. And when they’re from an authentic untold (read: underserved) voice, even better.